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Currently, CRI is the only source for these types of tactical drone courses. 


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Tactical Drone Course 

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Law Enforcement, Military, Federal
& Security Drone Courses
Consultation & Advisement 
Hybrid – Pilots and Tactical Teams

CRI’s Tactical Drone Academy has created one-of-a-kind tactical drone courses and classes. These courses open up a new industry vertical in the fields of public safety, homeland/national security in support of our national safety and readiness. Contact us and find out what is the most suitable drone training course for your agency or department.


Our Tactical Drone Academy offers consultation and guidance services for law enforcement, military units, federal agencies and security companies on starting and implementing a tactical drone division within their agency/group. 


All CRI Drone Academy courses and classes are capable of being delivered to both individual pilots, as well as teams. Team training offers the best option for organic units/groups.


CRI Tactical Drone Academy offers free guides on how, and why, to start a drone division within your agency. We also offer information regarding career guidance in various tactical and civilian drone industries, as well as drone/tactical drone classes.

Civilian Permitted Courses & Careers

Our Tactical Drone Academy also offers drone training for qualified civilians that may want to pursue a career in the drone industry. This training are designed for drones, UAVs and UAS careers.

PTSD/TBI Drone Experience

CRI Tactical Drone Academy offers drone activities and experiences for veterans and trauma survivors. This training is also offered to organizations, either for teambuilding or just for fun. 


Tactical Drone Pilot Instructor

CRI’s Tactical Drone Pilot Instructor program is a rewarding, and potentially profitable, certification that will equip the graduates with top level training. Upon completing of the course, graduates will be able to deliver drone training courses and classes. 

Certification Courses

CRI Tactical Drone Academy offers various drone pilot certifications that are suitable for qualified civilians and organizations with unique drone classes and courses.

Civilian Drone Programs

Beside drone classes and courses, CRI Tactical Drone Academy offers career, technical and business training for various drone industry verticals. 

Free Consultation

CRI’s Tactical Drone Academy offers free 15 minute consultations to individuals and groups regarding various drone topics, not only in regard to drone classes or courses but on a variety of other topics as well.

Events & Competitions

CRI holds groundbreaking drone competitions, challenges and events, that include donating drone activity time to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  These events are a combination of our tactical drone training and our fun  activities.

Support & Donate

Find out how you can support CRI Tactical Drone Academy and our efforts to save lives and livelihoods through drone training courses, classes and services.


First-Rate Course Offerings

CRI's Tactical Drone Academy puts emphasis on a supportive learning environment that will prepare you for the path ahead. Our classes incorporate traditional learning styles, as well as hands-on experiences.
Dedicated Educators

CRI's Tactical Drone Academy is a subdivision of CRI Counter Terrorism Training School.  Currently, we are the only source that offers comprehensive tactical drone courses and programs to support our nation's safety and readiness  in the face of terrorism, crime and other emergencies.
Our Mission

CRI's Tactical Drone Academy's core mission is to save lives and ensure a positive livelihood. Your success is our priority.
To support our inclusive community,
we provide a personal approach, tailoring learning methods to student needs. 



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