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Consultation and Guidance

CRI’s Tactical Drone Academy offers law enforcement, military,

federal agencies and security firms consultation and guidance

in the following topics:


• Why you need a drone/UAV/UAS division in your organization

• Starting a tactical drone division

• Obtaining the necessary permits

• Streamlining the process

• Budget planning for the new tactical drone division

• Training budget 

• Planning and execution

• Cross preparation of teams

• Eliciting public support 

• Dealing with the media

• Selecting the right drone for the job

• How to partner with other agencies 

• And many more topic

Free Consultation

Consultation is also available to individuals, law enforcement Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, military commanders, owners of security companies as well as managers of infrastructure, facilities and installations.

We at CRI’s Tactical Drone Academy offer free 15 minute consultations to individuals and groups on the topics of:

• Drone careers

• Tactical careers

• Drone business careers

• Tactical drone training

• Implementation of tactical drone operations

• Tactical training (non-drone) in the fields of countering terrorism and crime. 

• At the end of the free 15 minute consultation, additional consultation can be scheduled.

Learn More

Call us at 702-222-3489 or email us at 


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