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CRI’s Tactical Drone Academy is a division of CRI Counter Terrorism Training School. This gives us a unique perspective with regard to understanding military veterans.  Since 2000, CRI has helped hundreds of military veterans with their rehabilitation, career training and networking.

Fun drone experiences are designed to provide an adrenaline packed adventure with an abundance of a drone activities, such as:

• Drone competitions

• Drone races

• Drone challenges

• Drone flight

• Drone time limit drills

• Drone split decision making

• And much more


The training is available for military veterans, with an emphasis on disabled veterans with PTSD, TBI and veterans with other physical disabilities.

We at CRI love and appreciate our veterans and are grateful for their service to our country.  They have sacrificed so much and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to give something back.  

CRI’s CEO and Founder, Doron Benbenisty, is a combat veteran of the Israeli Special Forces.

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